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I can tell you all, with certainty, I have struggled with self-esteem or self-confidence most of my life.   I believe a huge reason for this is the atmosphere I grew up in.  My father was a violent drunk.  We lived scared to do something wrong, for not knowing what the retribution might be.  I once wanted to end my father's life so I could sleep through the night and not wake up to him peeing in my room, thinking he was in the bathroom.  Having to go stay in a motel or at someone's home I didn't know so he couldn't find us because he was coming home from the bar to hurt us. 

Life can deal many challenges we have no control over.

I've only read one chapter of the 2nd  book we are reviewing, "10 Simple Solutions for Building Self-Esteem", and I am excited to continue reading.  A quote from the book, "...we share what all humans possess - intrinsic worth.  On the other hand, those with self-esteem remain humble, realizing that everyone has much to learn and that we are all really in the same boat."  (pg 3)

This message is a core value of our business.  DB Toxic is about being secure in our-selves.  In this respect, when we feel this wholeness inside, we are able to be selfless.  We are motivated to work hard, not to be complacent or arrogant.  The first chapter of the book introduces us to the "building blocks" of self-esteem and the parts they play in our own "intrinsic worth as a person" (pg5).  The building blocks, "Unconditional Worth" and "Unconditional Love" are the base for "growth", as Glenn explains.  Then self-esteem can become a core part of who we are and how we treat each other - something we need a lot of in our county right now.

This book started off with a message that I needed, "Self-esteem does not boast or put others down.  Rather, one with self-esteem considers the well-being of others as well as the well-being of oneself. (pg10)  Having this self-understanding within can help us to react in a more peaceful and constructive manner in most situations.  I for one, will be seeking the peace that self-esteem can provide in me.  

I would also like to bring up the matter of helping people change for the better.  As a society, many of us have made bad decisions in our lives, said something that's wrong or hurtful.  I would encourage us all to be helpful with those that admit their errors, apologize sincerely, pay the appropriate price and seek self-improvement.  The healing many of us need can only take place when we provide the support for the learning lessons of life and all the growth that can come from them.

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