Noah’s Chapter 2 Review- 10 Simple Solutions for Building Self Esteem

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Hi! Welcome to our review of the second chapter in “10 Simple Solutions for Building Self Esteem.” 

There’s an example that Glenn uses on how self esteem should be built in our minds, and I think it’s really important to see why some of us struggle. His example is that “A parent gives a child an age-appropriate task, such as taking out the trash. When the child succeeds, he or she is praised and thinks “I can probably do other things and succeed.”. (Pg 12) I think this is a great example because it shows a little bit about how the parents are involved in the way self-esteem grows in a child's mind. Now of course everyone is different but for the general public, a parent that is always negative and really hard on a kid can lead to bad mindsets. I know growing up my dad would always tell me what I could be accomplishing, not what I have been accomplishing, and while it was minor it definitely took its toll on me over time. A feeling of thinking you’ll never live up to their standard or really make your parents proud starts to form like a cloud over your head. Good mindsets should be taught at a young age because it’s really hard to change in adulthood.

Also in this chapter Glenn brings up “The ten attitudes of Heartfulness.” which is essentially ten personality types that you should have in order to acquire a new way of relating to our world.

  1. Patience  2. Acceptance  3. Compassion 4. Non-judgment.        5. Non-attachment  6. Beginner's Mind  7. Good humor               8. Commitment  9. Vastness  10. Generosity.

I won’t get too deep into this because you can practice each of these personalities in your own way and see what makes you feel the most confident. However I wanna talk about idea 8. Commitment is probably what I struggle with the most out of all of these because a lot of the times I give up part way through on what I set my mind to. If any of you are like me, you know this is horrible for your self esteem. Nothing drags you down more than looking back at a past project you never finished and just feeling horrible about it. That’s why I think commitment is one of the 10 attitudes. If you set your mind to something, especially something really difficult or far-fetched, it feels amazing when you finally accomplish that goal. Keep putting things on the back burner or just not finishing them at all and you get stressed and lose every bit of self esteem or motivation you had. 

Thanks for reading this week's review! Tune in next week for chapter three and check out my dads review next! See you next week.


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