Everything is #@%!ed by Mark Manson - Ch 1& 2

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The opening chapter paints a bleak picture.  Mark tells the story of Witold Pilecki, a man that in the worst of situations, kept hope to carry on.  Mr. Manson, not Charles, and his sense of sarcastic humor lightens the mood as he describes "The Uncomfortable Truth," which is the title of the first chapter.  This first chapter gets us to the point where we realize that hope is necessary in our lives.  He mentions that anxiety, mental illness, and depression is stemmed from hopelessness(12). As we read this chapter, Noah and I couldn't help but feel that Mark was not pulling any punches.  The message was in your face and not pussy footing around, which we related to well.  This book is an easy read for us due to how we relate to the sarcastic tone. Chapter one ends with the mention of three things needed to maintain and build hope. 

Chapter two starts with the first of these, "a sense of control"(19).  This chapter gets us to ask, what drives our hope?  Noah said his girl friend is a big source of hope to him.  When asked why, he aims to be able to provide a good life for them together.  When he asked me the same question, I listed several things - I hope that DB Toxic becomes successful, planning for retirement works out well, writing the book idea I have had one day, the well being of my kids futures and other motivations that drive hope for me came to mind.  This chapter dives into the division of the mind, a clown car and a battle that requires a balance to be settled, not won, just an understanding of cooperation!  You can't help but feel for Elliot, the man from chapter two.  His story of a good life lost could happen to any of us.  The ability to control our actions is key and this is explained with detail here. 

In both of the chapters, Mr. Manson tells a true life story.  These help us relate to the chapters' topic. The story pulls you in and keeps your interest as it is broken down in the chapters. We want you to go out and get this book.  We are only two chapters in and love it so far.  Mark says, "that I believe this book might help some people" (15).   The book is a source of hope for him.  We also HOPE that our new business adventure will help some people.  

Check in again next Tuesday for the chapters 3 and 4 review!

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  • Great insights into the book so far. Thanks for making it personal by sharing some of your own thoughts.

    Debra J Falasco on

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