Clothing with a Message

Posted by David Schaefer on

Hello all,

Today is a special day for us.  From the roots of how this mission came about, see "Our Story" on the home page, my son and I have had some disagreements, argued a little and had a ton of fun.  We feel the mission statement is simple, but realize we have a lot of work to do.  We hope that others will join in on our journey - contributing their stories, adding their programs, blog stories, articles, books to review and more.  Our resource page may be blank or have a few links at this time, but it will always be a living growing portion of this business.  We hope it provides the needs for many of us to become more self-aware and to work on ourselves for the better.

We will share our own stories here, announce new items and other info to support the mission of DB Toxic.  We appreciate you taking the time to browse our products.  Pick something out, wear it proud and spread the message.

Be A Better You and Look Good Too.

Best Regards,



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